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 From the beginning a man used natural resources for his survival and well-being.

  For the right use of natural resources, it is necessary to fully study and assess them therefore apart from geological-exploration works in the license area of the company, environmental measures are also taken.

  One of the most responsible parts of Company adopted policy on environment is reducing adverse environmental impact caused by the activity and recovery of environmental damage. Continuous monitoring is done on biodiversity, water and soil mass study and harm- reduction measures.

   "GEGHI GOLD" LLC in its actions will be guided by international environmental obligations of Armenia and the requirements of RA laws which refer to the impact of such activity.

    They are as follows:


  • RA law on «The vegetable world»  (23.11.1999)
  • RA law on «The animal world» (03.4.2000)
  • RA Soil code (02.5.2001)
  • RA Governmental decision N1026-N, 08.09.2011 on “Approval of technical regulation requirements for determination of fertile soil removal norms and protection and use of removed fertile soil”
  • RA Governmental decision N1396-N, 08.09.2011 on “Approval of the procedure of fertile soil  use”
  • RA Governmental decision N72-N, 29.01.2010 on “Approval of Red Book of RA plants” 
  • RA Governmental decision N71-N, on “Approval of Red Book of RA animals”
  • RA Governmental decision N781-N, 31.07.2014 on “ Definition of the procedure for RA Vegetable world objects protection and the use of  them for reproduction purpose in natural conditions
  • RA Water code (04.6.2002)
  • RA Subsoil code (06.11.2002)
  • RA Forest code (24.10, 2005)
  • RA law on Administrative violations (06.12.1985) –chapter 7
  • RA law on “ Environment control” (11.4.2005)
  • RA law on “Natural areas of special protection” (27.11 2006)
  • RA law on “Air protection” (01.11.1994)
  • RA law on “Environment impact assessment and expertise” (21.06.2014).

    "GEGHI GOLD" LLC prepared report on Environment impact assessment, and  project solutions of deposit operation, detailed calculations, environmental measures are brought in the EIA report of the planned activity:

1. Environment potential and planned impact assessment

2. Assessment of economic damage caused by environmental impact

A. Atmospheric air

B. Water resources

C. Soil resources

D. Determination of (overall) damage of environmental impact

3. Planned measures and programmes in unfavourable conditions and emergency situations

A. Unfavourable meteorological conditions

B. Fire safety

C. Emergency situations


4. Environmental measures and environment management plan (EMP)

A. Provisions of mine closure program

B. Mining complex closure program, purposes and problems

C. Planned actions of closure

D. Environmental measures

E. Social-economic measures

F. Organization of closure procedure

G. Monitoring program

H. Installation of monitoring points and frequency of monitorings

  The given report consists of work project of Voskedzor gold-polymetallic deposit operation,  Technical task requirements of 15.12.2015 TT 55 of RA Environment protection ministry, general lay-out of the deposit, RA law requirements on environment and natural resources and  general technological solutions of process plant and tailing dump.

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